6 Reasons to Go Grain-Free

Grains are all around us – breads, baked goods, pasta, rice, and much more. Because you can’t turn around without running into a cookie or pizza, most people eat more grains than they should.

By trading in some of these grain-rich snacks and meals for grain-free options, you’ll get good stuff into your system, plus, you’ll see benefits to your emotional and physical health.

  1. Mindful Eating

Introducing grain-free options to your diet automatically introduces healthier habits that influence your eating decisions.

  1. More Energy

If your body is especially sensitive to grains, or you have an autoimmune condition, your mood and energy levels may improve by going grain-free.

  1. Better digestion

Grains are made of natural starches and sugars that may be difficult for your gut to break down. By eliminating grains, you may reduce digestive issues, like gas and bloating. The best way to see if grains are the culprits is to get rid of them altogether to see if your digestion improves.

  1. Less inflammation

Research shows that grains may cause leaky gut syndrome, a problem as uncomfortable as it sounds. This syndrome increases inflammation and is associated with food sensitivities, thyroid problems, fatigue, headaches, and digestive conditions.

  1. Balanced microbiome

That’s a fancy scientific way to say all those microorganisms that keep you alive—the millions of bacteria inside your gut—are healthy and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. A healthy microbiome can boost your immunity and improve your digestion, brain function, and mood. (Yes, please!)

Although there is much more to learn about microbiomes, some research suggests a grain-free diet may be just what good bacteria needs to thrive.

  1. Not Sacrificing Delicious

Grain-free substitutions used to taste like cardboard and even the cardboard options were difficult to find. Now, with delicious options like cauliflower pizza crusts, cassava-based tortillas, grain free granola bars, or clusters grain-free tastes better than ever. And we may be a little biased, but our protein bars are also grain-free and we challenge you to find a more delicious bar!

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