Granola Bars

Grain Free Granola Crunch

NEW Grain Free Granola clusters to enjoy as part of healthy breakfast or snack.

Vegan & Non-GMO

Ditch the artificial ingredients and snack on granola clusters made with nutrient-dense, whole ingredients.

7g Sugar or Less

An alternative to sugary granola and cereals, our grain free granola crunch is made with natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, or dark cacao.

Gluten & Grain Free

Scoop a handful of grain free granola without oats, gluten, or grains. A balanced snack with healthy fats and carbs.

Delicious. Real. Better.

Almond Butter Crunch

Go nuts over crunchy almond butter granola that's sweetened with honey and coconut sugar. Make it a part of your paleo breakfast or grain free snack.

Cinnamon Crunch

Say 'good morning' to better granola cereal with our Cinnamon Crunch pack. Made from seeds and almonds for a naturally filling grain free snack.

Chocolate Almond Crunch

Chocolate lovers can snack happy with our grain free chocolate almond crunchy granola. The perfect blend of healthy granola clusters with only 7g of sugar.