It's about a healthy lifestyle, not a short-term diet. 

We were founded in 2011 on the belief that the principles of the Paleo diet could be incorporated into any lifestyle. We believe that making healthy choices should't feel like a compromise, which is why Caveman Foods is on a mission to encourage and inspire healthier eating with delicious Paleo snacks.

What is Paleo?

We can all agree that our modern lives aren't the healthiest. The Paleo diet seeks to improve health with the foods that our bodies evolved to eat over 200,000 years ago. 

Our Food Philosophy

Clean Eating

By eating foods such as lean meat and fish, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, the Paleo diet cuts out highly processed foods, dairy, legumes, grains, and artificial ingredients that lead to poor health. 

No Compromising on Taste

Our number one priority is making snacks that taste so good, you'll forget they're Paleo. Now that's Paleolicious!

The Paleo Approach

The Paleo Diet seeks to mitigate the negative effects of our modern lifestyle by cutting out highly processed foods, dairy, legumes, grains and artificial ingredients. 

Paleo Certifications

We work with the Paleo Foundation to ensure that all of our snacks are either Paleo Certified (contain Paleo ingredients and use some 21st century processing methods) or Paleo-Friendly Certified (contain Paleo ingredients, and may contain some ingredients in the grey area, such as dark chocolate).