The Rise of Zero Sugar Snacks Comes to Jerky

The Rise of Zero Sugar Snacks Comes to Jerky


In reality, sugar has never been a required part of your body’s nutritional needs so no one knows the “right amount” of sugar you should consume on a daily basis. There is a long list of negative health effects that sugar can have on your body with almost little to no benefit. Although we know it is delicious in some foods and it can even lengthen the shelf life of others, we at caveman hold health over a short term reward of a sweet tasting snack.

We don't think you shouldn't eat sugar at all, but when we have the opportunity to make a healthy delicious snack it's hard to pass it up. Over the past 8 or so years, we saw the beef jerky market skyrocket motivated by lifestyle changes made by you! On further inspection we found that most of the leading jerky brands are packed with synthetic sugars hurting your diets and overall health rather than helping them. The average amount of sugar in the leading brands is around 6-7 grams per serving! Personally we know it's hard to stop eating some good beef jerky once you start, so if you kill a whole bag you're looking at 24-28 grams of sugar in a midday snack. That's more than your average glazed donut. We saw this as a problem, so that's when we developed our zero sugar beef jerky. We wanted to offer the better, healthier alternative of a nutritious snack without compromising the taste and texture. And we did! Four times!

Our main message is that you can still live a full and healthy life with great tasting foods you were meant to eat. We as a country are starting to move in the right direction of health, and feel we serve an important role in helping this movement. There is still some negative stigma around healthy foods, like they don't taste as good as their less healthy counterparts. But we assure you this, Caveman is here to get rid of that stigma, we choose the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle without compromising the great tastes of natural ingredients.

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