The Importance of Snacking

Have you ever have a moment in the middle of the day when it seems your stomach is the one making all the decisions?

It’s important to have a mid-day snack for a variety of reasons but it can be challenging to always pick the one that’s not only convenient but also good for you! Here at Caveman, we know that a balanced diet can make the difference between a great day and a just “ok” day which is why when considering snacks, it can be helpful to look at them as a regular meal. 


Snacking is crucial task if one is to retain their mental focus throughout the workday, especially in the late afternoon periods. By choosing a snack that’s high in protein, you're choosing a much better alternative rather than just filling up on empty carbohydrates. This is a major reason why a snack like our Zero Sugar Sausage Sticks or the Maple Pork Meat Bites make for a great snacking option that not only tastes great, but is great for your body and mind.

By choosing to eat these natural and nutritious foods, you are making a conscious decision to halt random cravings in their path and to keep hunger at bay for longer periods of time.


When consuming foods high in protein, a complex physiological process begins in which the protein’s amino acids release a chemical in the brain called Orexin. This chemical gives our bodies a renewed sense of alertness and an energetic feeling one couldn’t get from simply eating a food that’s carbohydrate based. Notice after you eat a meal heavy in carbs you end up feeling drowsy? Not when taking this approach to snacking! This is one of the many reasons we love our Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bars so much. With ingredients such as protein-rich nuts and seeds, all drizzled with dark chocolate, it's a great solution to keeping fueled so you can be constantly ready to take on the day.

All in all, it’s important to remember our bodies are more like a garden than a machine so what’s good for a snack one day may not necessarily be true the next. We highly recommend getting a variety of natural snacks that have all the ingredients and flavors you could possibly crave throughout the week!


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