How to Enjoy Granola with Every Meal

What is Granola & Where Did it Come From?

Crunchy, full of nutritious seeds, naturally sweet. What is this mysterious food? According to the New York Times article “Who Made That Granola?”  A New York man called Dr. James Jackson simply crumbled graham flour and baked it until it was crispy in 1863. He then dubbed the product Jackson’s Granula.

Soon after Dr. Jackson’s invention, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (yes, that Kellogg), made a mixture called granula, which was a simple mixture of oatmeal, wheat flour, and cornmeal. Dr. Jackson then sued Dr. Kellogg for infringement and subsequently the name of Kellogg’s mixture was changed to granola. By the year 1899, Dr. Kellogg was selling about four tons of granola a month.

Caveman’s Grain-Free Granola takes all this a step further. While we appreciate our roots, we know some folks crave that granola flavor and crunch but without all of those grains. So our Granola is not only crunchy, delicious, Vegan and Non-GMO, but it is also Gluten-, Soy-, and Dairy-free and Certified Keto! We pack our granola with crunchy nuts and seeds and provide naturally sweetness with maple and coconut sugar. Keep reading to see how you can use this delicious snack in every meal!


Stir some granola into pancake batter for a fascinating version of the classic breakfast. Our Cinnamon Crunch Grain Free Granola adds a tantalizingly tasty dimension to your pancakes! Not to mention the crunch!


Make chicken tenders with Almond Butter Crunch Grain Free Granola instead of breadcrumbs or batter. Crush them a little and it is perfect.


Top baked apples with Cinnamon Crunch Grain-Free Granola for a unique crumble.


No yogurt parfait is complete without fruit and granola! If you like this mixture, try making frozen yogurt bites by mixing yogurt, Chocolate Almond Crunch Grain Free Granola and berries together into small clusters.


With a plethora of uses, granola can truly be a staple in every home’s kitchen. While using it for every meal every day may not necessarily be practical, it can be comforting to know just how far-reaching our Grain-Free Granola can be in recipes.

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