The Beginner's Guide to Breakfast

Have you ever woken up late and decided that you would just eat something easy (a.k.a. unhealthy) for breakfast? Or worse, have you decided that breakfast can wait and you’ll make it up at lunch?

Rethinking this morning meal strategy can rejuvenate your daily energy levels, keep your physical activity up, and help keep weight goals in check!

Why Is Breakfast Important?

According to Hopkins Medicine, “Eating breakfast may help your heart, digestion, bones and more to meet dietary guidelines! A healthier heart. Adults and kids who skip breakfast tend to have higher blood cholesterol levels—a risk factor for heart disease—than do breakfast eaters.”

In other words, neglecting breakfast can severely throw your body’s rhythm off-balance. When first waking up, your body craves the blood sugar that makes it run its best. This is where breakfast jumps in to save the day!  

Eating a nutritious breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, gives you a hand in burning calories and gives you the energy you need to get things done and maintain focus throughout the day.

Breakfasts to Avoid

Most of us are familiar with what’s good for us and what just tastes good. With breakfast, choosing the right foods is essential which is why when looking for new meal ideas, it's not a bad idea to use a list such as the featured in the infographic below to help guide you as to what NOT to put in your cart this week:

Breakfasts to Avoid Infographic

Getting Ahead on Breakfast Plans

Making the right choices at breakfast can set you up for tremendous success both in the short and long term. Choosing a food such as our Caveman Nutrition Bars will give you a meal option full of protein, healthy fats and fibers. Foods like this will provide a day of off-the-chart energy levels, steady blood sugar levels and in addition will help provide control over your appetite and weight.

On the other hand, making a poor choice at breakfast can leave you hungry and struggling to get through the rest of the day as well as increase your risk of developing health problems.

This is why choosing Caveman snacks is not only a delicious and healthy option, but also an investment into your day and future! Some of our favorite breakfasts include our Grain-Free Granola -- whether it is sprinkled over low-sugar yogurt or just soaked in paleo-friendly almond milk. We also hear from our customers that they often rely on a protein-filled snack like our Turkey Bites or our Protein Bars. Perhaps not surprisingly, our customers also love Caveman Nutrition Bars when they are on-the-go in the morning. Breakfast Better!

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