Each collagen protein pack contains 12 Chocolate Walnut Bars.
Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars
The Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bar has 11g of protein.
Get your collagen & chocolate in one delicious protein snack with the Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bar.
Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars
Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars

Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars

  • Certified Gluten-Free and Paleo-Friendly Collagen Bars
  • 11g of Protein and 5g of Grass-Fed Collagen Per Bar
  • Good Source of Fiber
  • Supports Skin, Tissue, and Muscle Health
  • No Grains or Soy

The hunt for a craveable, clean collagen bar is over! You can’t wait to sink your teeth into our Chocolate Walnut Collagen bar, filled with rich, indulgent brownie flavor minus the high-calorie count and guilt. Each delicious bar is packed with 11 grams of protein from grass-fed collagen peptides, egg whites, and crunchy nuts and seeds. These mouthwatering snacks satisfy your taste buds, pump up your muscle health, and fuel your body with fiber. Free from gluten, soy, and Certified Paleo-Friendly, stock up on this protein snack and rip one open as soon as your next chocolate craving strikes.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 207 reviews
Judith Stockstill
Great addition to my diet!!!

I love the collagen bars and wish you would make them in dark chocolate/walnut also. My skin looks better and I feel better after adding these to my diet. Thanks for offering these.

Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars

The Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars are awesome.

Christina Capuano

I think these bars are great and I buy them when they go on sale!

Stanley Cohen

Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars

Gr8 when Warmed a Little

Great taste and nutrition but tough to chew unless warmed.

I cut a bar into 4 pieces and put each piece on a Triscuit "Hint of Salt" cracker, then warm the pieces gently in the microwave. (I use 88 seconds at 30% power.) The slightly warm pieces are easy to chew and go well with the crackers. The bar itself has enough moisture to get warm.