Tips to Keep that Work Life Balance

Sometimes with work you feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day – family, exercise, work, eating healthy. We get that and while there is no perfect solution, hopefully some of our team’s tips will help you find some additional balance. At the end of the day, whether it is your diet or your time, it is about finding that balance.

Prioritize Your Time: Not just for work but for everything. When you see a list of 30 things to do, it is overwhelming! We take 10 minutes and break them up into different categories. You can choose your own approach but here is one way to think about task management:

Urgent & important:

Urgent & not important:

Not urgent & important:

Not urgent & not important:

Prioritize Exercising: You should have this one on the same level as making money. Without your health you wouldn't be able to work (and we would argue that exercise makes you more productive). Sometimes your mind needs a break from all the numbers and screen time, so going out for a walk or hitting the gym is a perfect way to let your mind reset.

Look at the structure of your life: I know the saying, “old habits die hard” but they don’t have to...especially if it will make your life less stressful. Take a look at your daily habits, identify the stressors, and see if anything can be changed to make things easier on you. If going to the store and cooking dinner is just the absolute last thing you want to do after a hard day at the office, make a plan to go out for dinner once a week and reduce some of that stress. We are big believers in finding happiness. Obviously, we aren’t saying to eat fast food… but sometimes it is worth for someone to make that paleo-friendly meal for you.

Calendars are your friend!: Planning out your week or even a month at a time can really help with time management. Color coding your tasks can also make a huge difference, have different colors for personal and work tasks so you can clearly see what needs to be done this month or week. Calendars also are a great way for accountability, it shows you what is or isn’t getting done and can prevent days from slipping by like so many in the past.

Don’t be everything to everyone: There is nothing wrong with helping out a coworker here and there, but don’t be showered in extra work if it isn’t necessary. It is alright to say “no” especially if your plate is already full, nothing wrong with prioritizing what you are already working on. This is a job. Not your life. Dedicate a certain amount of hours to your job a day and that is it. Leave yourself some time to do your favorite hobby or spend time with family. This will promote productivity during your work hours and you will still be able to do the things you love. Your work doesn’t have to encapsulate your life as a whole.

Strive to find the balance that brings you happiness. Even though it is hard, we think it is worth looking under the hood of life to make sure you are finding your balance.

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