5 Tips for Staying on your Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet has become widely popular since Caveman was founded ~10 years ago due to the basic concept that we are better off following our early ancestors’ eating habits. That said, bringing the past to the present can be hard with modern foods and eating habits we’ve adopted today. Here are some helpful tips that can make following this primitive diet more realistic in today’s society.

85/15 rule

As with all diets, you must give yourself some leeway so it can be more enjoyable and effective. Experts have suggested after being on the paleo diet for a month or so you should give yourself the 85/15 rule. This rule implies you follow your diet “to a T” for 85% of the month, leaving you 15% of the month to enjoy a family BBQ or a night out with friends. With this rule you may notice some discomfort the day after splurging, but it can often motivate you to get back on the train the next day.

Make some extra

As you might know, lunch can be one of the hardest meals to eat paleo friendly. Our quick and easy solution is to make extra food at dinner and grab some leftovers for lunch. This can also be a huge time-saver if you’re in a pinch and need a quick healthy meal that fits the pelao parameters.

Bust out that crock pot

For the folks who rarely have time to make a full meal in the evening (or are just exhausted at the end of the day), here is our paleo hack. We do a little prep the night before (like cutting vegetables), then we wake up 10-15 minutes early to start one of our easy paleo crock pot dinners. When you get home from that exhausting day, you'll be welcomed with the delicious scent of your food ready to be eaten.

Make this an opportunity to try new things!

A recurring theme I see is people getting bored of just some meat and veggies every night or almost every night. Take this as an opportunity to start to expand your palate with recipes from different cultures or with ingredients you’ve never tried. With paleo becoming more and more popular, there are loads of websites that have only paleo friendly recipes. You never know, you might find your new favorite dish! Here’s our personal favorite to find new recipes. https://nomnompaleo.com

Clean out the kitchen

I know this seems like a pretty straightforward basic tip, and it is… but without those junk foods and processed foods at your fingertips you'll be less likely to indulge and break your diet. Make your fridge and pantry reflect your diet and its restrictions so you’ll have no other option but to follow your diet. Those junk food cravings are tough at the beginning, but eliminating the temptations is often easier than white-knuckling in front of the pantry. Luckily we know a guy that has some fantastic products to fill those shelves back up...


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