Salted Almond Butter (12 Count)
Salted Almond Butter (12 Count)
Salted Almond Butter (12 Count)
Salted Almond Butter (12 Count)

Salted Almond Butter (12 Count)

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Keep your friends close and your almond butter closer. Our Salted Almond Butter Protein Bars are packed with 10 grams of complete protein from a delicious blend of nuts, seeds, and egg whites. We believe that real ingredients taste better (and are better for you) that’s why our protein bars are always free from gluten, dairy, and soy.

  • 12 Certified Paleo-Friendly Protein Bars
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • 10g protein, only 9g sugar
  • No Soy, Whey, or Pea Protein
  • Diabetes-Friendly Snack

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely scrumptious!

Purchased 3 boxes to get the discount and not disappointed! Protein bars are just like having a candy bar but obviously BETTER! I'M HOOKED!

Salted Almond Protein Bars

Wow! I now have a new favorite Caveman bar! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! The really keep away hunger! I love them with a cup of tea! Thanks, Caveman!

Great taste!

These bars are perfect for being so reclusive of ingredients. I don’t each chocolate and my husband has a peanut allergy - so these are the best to have in the house for after work outs or for lunch when I work out after lunch. Granted, I don’t let t husband near these because I love them so much! He enjoys the chocolate flavors of this item. Highly recommend!!

Awesome Bar!

Love these bars! These are our favorite flavor! Love that I can have these as a snack/treat for pre and post workouts and still follow a paleo lifestyle!

Yummy Protein Bars

Great tasting bars! Easy to carry in your purse or briefcase for a quick, healthy bite to eat. I am very satisfied with these!