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Primal Bar 12 Count Variety Pack


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Primal Bar 12-Count Variety Pack



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The Chicken Primal Bar sets the new standard for protein, made with all natural chicken, fruits, and spices, bringing you unrivaled nutrition and incredible taste.  Our variety pack includes 3 bars of each of our 4 irresistible flavors for a total of 12 bars.

  • Mesquite BBQ
  • Smoked Jalapeno
  • Blueberry Pepper
  • Sweet Cherry

The Chicken Primal Bar

The Chicken Primal Bar will change the way you think about traditional protein bars. Made with all-natural chicken, fruit and spices, it’s the perfect protein snack that doesn’t compromise on taste, quality of protein or ingredients.

A Better-For-You Protein Bar

Most protein bars are made with whey, which is denatured in the process of making the bar due to heat. The end result is an incomplete, less efficient source of protein that’s difficult to digest. You’re also left with a chalky texture and bad aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners used to mask the poor taste of whey. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice good taste or nutrition, and that’s why we created the Chicken Primal Bar: to provide a complete, highly digestible source of on-the-go protein that also tastes incredible, without any artificial ingredients.


Our Chicken Primal Bars are made with lean chicken to support high P.E.R. (Protein Efficiency Ratio), which allows for superior digestibility, assimilation and utilization of protein to build and retain lean muscle. Chicken’s PER is higher than milk, soy and other plant-based proteins. While it falls within direct PER alignment with beef protein, it has no/low saturated fat.

Complete Protein

Many protein bars use milk-based proteins that are heated during processing. This denatures and decreases the quality of the protein. The protein in our Chicken Primal Bars does not lose its value and quality during preparation.

No Artificial Ingredients

Many protein bars use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols to mask the flavor of whey and plant- based proteins. Our Chicken Primal Bars use only natural ingredients, such as apple puree and other fruit.


See indivdual product pages for ingredients & nutritional information.