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Caveman Foods Nutrition Bar 12-Count Variety Pack


See indivdual product pages for ingredients & nutritional information.


Nutrition Bar
24-Count Variety Pack



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Make healthy snack choices with a nutrition bar variety pack of our favorite paleo-inspired bars. Enjoy dark chocolate and fruit, or plain fruit and nut bars for whatever snacking mood you're in.

All Natural, Organic Bars with Flax and Chia Seeds

Non-GMO with no artificial sweeteners

Paleo-inspired for no soy and gluten-free diets

  • Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate Cashew Almond
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut
  • Wild Blueberry Nut

Nutrition Bars by Caveman Foods

Our wholesome snack bars are made with health and lifestyle in mind. These nutrition bars are made with all-natural ingredients like seeds, nuts and dark chocolate. Instead of highly processed foods we used Non-GMO ingredients to naturally sweetened our bars. So, the taste is like a candy bar but without all the sugar and artificial ingredients.

Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Diet

All Caveman nutrition bars are certified gluten-free, which keeps promotes healthy nutrient absorption for those with celiac disease. We know it’s hard to process grains like wheat, rye and barley, so grab a healthy snack that respects your allergies and fits your budget.


All of our nutrition bars are verified Non GMO. Every time you eat a Caveman bar, you know you're doing something good for your body and even the environment. Our products contain: tapioca syrup, cocoa coating, agave syrup, sea salt, coconut to provide flavors of dark chocolate, coconut and caramel.

Soy-free & Dairy-free

Like gluten, our digestive systems have difficulty breaking down dairy or legumes, and we made snack bars with no soy or dairy products. Soy is found in many highly processed foods and can cause an increase in flavones, which leads to hormone imbalance. Dairy based foods can cause gastrointestinal issues, bloating and discomfort. Individuals with food allergies can rest assure, there is a healthy snack for them to enjoy, like Caveman Nutrition Bars.


See indivdual product pages for ingredients & nutritional information.