Hickory Smoked Chicken Bacon
Hickory Smoked Chicken Bacon
Hickory Smoked Chicken Bacon
Hickory Smoked Chicken Bacon

Hickory Smoked Chicken Bacon

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The Hickory Smoked Uncured Chicken Bacon Bar has a perfectly balanced flavor with a touch of sweetness and a smooth, smoky finish. This paleo meat bar has lower sodium, low calories and delicious savory taste. One might be tempted to substitute the breakfast granola bar for this bacon flavored experience. All of our Chicken Primal Bars make a great high protein, low carb snack for whatever part of your day.
  • Paleo-Certified
  • 14g of protein per bar
  • 45% less sodium
  • Low sugar snack
  • Made with antibiotic-free, cage-free chicken

    Customer Reviews

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    Love the Caveman products!

    SO Happy with the delicious and nutritious caveman products. Tried for the first time the Dark Chocolate caramel cashew bars which are just the right size to satisfy and with only 6 net carbs and 4g of sugar they are definitely paleo. Also the sweet & Smoky chicken bites are a hit at my house, again low carb and low sugar , but I have to say the best by far for me is the Hickory smoked Chicken Bacon. Very satisfying when you need a protein pick me up. All their products are high in protein and that's what we're needing. And my daughter is taking them to church camp with her this year to replace some of the awful meals they're served, so she'll get her protein.

    Good stuff

    Really like the jerky!

    So great!

    Easy to complete my daily protein macro with this snack! So delicious too!


    Hickory Smoked Chicken Bacon

    Great quick and tasty food bar!

    I am happy to have found a meat based food bar that is tasty and healthy for you. The cherry one is very pepper forward but they are all great overall. I keep them everywhere for a quick snack between meals.