Our Jerky

Caveman Foods' Chicken Jerky provides a low-fat, low-calorie and high protein snack to fuel your healthy, active lifestyle. A healthier alternative to red meat, our chicken jerky is delicious and tender, and comes in a variety of delicious, savory flavors.

No Nitrates or Added MSG

Caveman Jerky does not contain nitrates or added MSG. At Caveman Foods we refuse to compromise your health by adding unnecessary chemicals to our products. Your body and taste buds will be grateful!

All Natural Chicken

The use of added hormones in chicken and other food products is a danger to our health, which is why we use only all-natural chicken in our jerky.

High Protein, Low-Calorie

With our jerky, you get the best of both worlds: a protein fix without all the calories. There really is no guilt in enjoying a bag of Caveman Jerky.