Snack better with 12 count box of clean protein bars.
Double Dark Chocolate Protein Bars
Made with 10g of complete protein and dark chocolate.
Double the deliciousness with our Dark Chocolate Protein Bar.

Double Dark Chocolate Protein Bars

  • 12 Certified Paleo-Friendly Protein Bars
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • 10g Protein, Only 9g Sugar
  • No Soy, Whey, or Pea Protein
  • Diabetes-Friendly Snack

One bar = double the delicious + savage squared. Our Double Dark Chocolate Protein Bar tastes just like those indulgent packaged brownie bites, minus the extra calories, processed sugars, and colossal guilt. Each mouthwatering bar is packed with crunchy almonds, egg white protein, dark cocoa, and semisweet chocolate chips to stamp out sweetness cravings without any added sugar. Fuel up and always be ready to attack on-the-go with 10 grams of complete protein in every snack. Caveman Protein Bars are Certified Paleo-Friendly and diabetes-friendly with no trace of gluten, soy, whey, or pea protein.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

Hard to find quality protein bar that is this tasty

Kathleen Jensen
Good protein bar if your avoiding grains!

Tasty, smooth, and filling.....I'm glad I found these. This particular type is smooth without seeds....very helpful to those with sensitivities. The only thing I would change if I could is switch the sunflower lethicin to tapioca starch, cocoa butter or something else that isn't as inflammatory. If they changed this I wouldn't have to limit how much I eat them...I'd probably buy them by the case! Oh, and another flavor to choose from could be lemon. :)

Florin R
Very good

No "evil" ingredients like gluten, whey, soy. Great taste. Super healthy snack!

Louis Condeff

Double Dark Chocolate Protein Bars

Castle Grandma
Love Them

Just what I was looking for. Can never have too much chocolate. They are perfect.