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Caveman Bites 12-Count Variety Pack



Caveman Bites 12-Count Variety Pack


(12 BAGS)

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Our Chicken Jerky Bites Variety Pack is perfect for the meat snack lover in your life. This assorted box includes: Applewood Smoked BBQ, Habanero and Green Chili and Sun-Dried Tomato with Kale.  A snack mix of jerky makes an ideal office snack for those on soy-free gluten-free diets.

Certified paleo snack with no nitrates

Great for high protein low carb diet

Sharable snack compared to a savory protein bar

 Our variety pack includes 4 of each of our 3 incredible flavors:
  • Applewood Smoked BBQ
  • Habanero & Green Chili
  • Sun-Dried Tomato & Kale

Your Meat Snack Redefined

Caveman Jerky Bites will change the way you feel about snacking. They are made with no nitrates, no soy and gluten -free ingredients. Each bite is bursting with delicious flavor, sugar as low as 1g per serving. Our Chicken Jerky is an easy, healthy snack.

Real Jerky Snack Taste

Caveman Jerky Bites are inspired by bold and fiery flavors. They are made with ingredients that are low carb, low sugar, low fat and have high protein. Plus, they are Paleo Certified, meaning no gluten, soy, dairy or peanuts. More room for the good stuff!

A Friendly Paleo Snack

Caveman Jerky Bites are the perfect healthy snacks to go. With a total of 30g of protein per bag, these jerky snacks are great post workout or protein supplement in between meals. Our Chicken Jerky is available in a resealable pouch and best if consumed within 3 days of opening.

Chicken: A Great Source of Protein

Not all proteins are created equal. Chicken is a complete protein with a high PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio). The PER is essentially a measure of a protein’s ability to promote growth and development of lean muscle. There are other sources of protein with a good PER but they don't always deliver on expectations. Chicken is a lean, mean muscle building protein with lots of amino acids. Our Bites, Chicken Jerky and Chicken Primal Bars have the added benefit of being infused with antioxidant rich fruits and anti-inflammatory spices. The end result? A delicious, satisfying and nutritious snack.