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Our Story

At Caveman, we believe in clean and simple foods. We believe in a world where eating healthily and intentionally is both convenient and delicious. We believe in consuming foods we were meant to eat. Most importantly, we believe that the principals of the Paleo diet can be incorporated into any lifestyle.

By focusing on clean, simple ingredients inspired by the Paleo diet – our products stick to the food groups our bodies were designed to consume: nuts, berries, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. We skip grains, dairy, soy, legumes and processed foods so our exceptional pure taste can shine through.

When our founder, Chris Running, discovered Paleo, his life was forever changed.  After 90 days of eating only clean, simple, and nutritious foods, he not only experienced a tremendous physical change, but unexpected internal shifts as well. His Paleo lifestyle saw a surge in his energy and a more positive mindset. Chris knew he had discovered something incredible, and was on a mission to share his experience and make healthy, great tasting snacks accessible to people on the go.

We understand that busy schedules in a modern world can keep us from eating what we should. By doing the hunting and gathering for you, we hope to help you live a more intentional life with clean and simple snacking.

We are so grateful that you visited us today and thank you for embarking on this beautiful journey with us.

What does Paleo Inspired mean?

In the simplest terms, Paleo eating is about consuming the foods we are meant to eat. It means eating nuts, berries, seeds, vegetables, eggs, fish and lean meats. It also means avoiding grains, dairy, legumes (e.g. soy, peanuts) and refined sugars.  Our digestive systems haven’t changed much since the days of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. However, our food supply has changed significantly, especially in the last 50 years. Unfortunately, many of today's processed foods contain ingredients that are actually toxic to the body. This is why the incidence of allergies, obesity, diabetes and heart disease has dramatically increased recently. The Paleo eating style encourages us to return to eating the foods made with ingredients our bodies were meant to eat. 

We know that there’s no going back 50,000 years to a time when hunting and gathering real food was a part of our daily routine. So we have tried to make it easier for you to find great tasting, nutritious snacks by doing the hunting and gathering for you. We strive to provide real food with incredible taste.

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