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Primal Intervention with Dr. James Rouse

Why would you voluntarily give yourself a "Primal Intervention"?

As an accomplished life athlete who courageously goes about living a life of personal and professional excellence, you are fully and sometimes painfully aware of when you are not performing up to the level of your vision. Surely, you have tried many approaches to fueling your daily decathlon and to varying degrees enjoyed some meaningful success and some less than stellar experiences that may have tapered your zeal. Where do you go from here? Would you like to upgrade your present life performance?  

Are you tired of fake, highly manipulated and unrecognizable ingredients trying to pretend they are real food? We are, and that’s why we created the Chicken Primal Bar. We are drawn to simplicity in ingredients and usability of clean, highly efficient, easy to digest and "put to work" protein. We are Paleo-inspired at Caveman Foods, and we passionately believe that everyone is welcome to be a part of this movement. If you are looking to feel more vital, we are with you. If you are sensing that your next mind-body-food move needs to be in alignment with whole and unprocessed ingredients that deliver on taste, convenience and performance, then we are with you there too. And if you are ready to grow your life from average to awesome in how you show up, how you serve and how you are able to shine your life's light in such a way that your life becomes a living demonstration of passion coupled with purpose then we applaud your mission and stand ready to feed you every step of the way! Please give us the honor of serving you and your great big life's mission with our Paleo Inspired Chicken Primal Bar! 

Consider your Primal Intervention on!