Crackin' The Case on Egg White Protein

Protein is the magic word lately.

Why? More and more, people are turning to protein rich snacks to repair muscles after a workout. There’s also plenty of evidence that eating protein packed snacks makes you feel more full, so they help you maintain a healthy weight.

Usually, protein snacks are synonymous with powders, shakes, and bars made from plant-based, egg white, or animal protein sources. Each source of protein offers unique benefits and bioavailability (the body’s ability to absorb and use a nutrient). So which protein source is the best?

Our choice: snacks made with complete protein like egg whites. A snack with complete protein means that it contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet that the body cannot make on its own. There is a lot of debate between plant and animal-based protein, including egg whites, so we made side-by-side comparisons to show which source is best for you protein seekers out there.

Egg White vs Plant Protein

The protein in egg whites is easier for your body to absorb than plant-based proteins like soy and pea; nutritionists call this “bioavailability.” So if you know the source of protein in a bar (soy, egg whites, pea, etc.), you can determine how much of that protein your body will actually absorb and use.

A protein bar containing egg whites like the Caveman Chocolate Salted Caramel Protein Bar has the higher percentage of absorbable protein. The 10 grams of protein in this delicious snack come from egg whites, nuts, and seeds. Your body will absorb 100% of the egg white protein —meaning you get a lot more protein benefit bang for your buck. In comparison, if you snack on a pea or soy-based protein bar, only 60% - 74% of the protein will be absorbed. Protein snacks with higher bioavailability will provide greater muscle recovery and keep you full longer.

Power Up with Egg White Protein 

Egg white protein is an egg-cellent way to get your protein from breakfast to dinner. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate eggs into our diet (a.k.a. beyond the hard-boiled egg):

  • Egg muffin cups make a great on-the-go breakfast during the week
  • Egg white vegetable frittatas are great for lunch or a mid-morning snack
  • Lettuce wraps with poached egg, sliced avocado, and salsa. We are also excited about some of the new grain free tortillas 
  • Bake an egg inside ½ a bell pepper or sweet potato
  • Caveman Protein Bars

Protein that Works for You 

Protein is a fundamental part of good nutrition and healthy living. We’re big fans of eggs, not only because we love natural ways to eat protein, but also because they’re so easy to mix into almost any recipe without compromising on taste. And the benefits of egg white protein—all those vitamins and antioxidants—are an added bonus. Learning about the differences between egg white and plant protein can help you make an informed decision about what type of protein packed snacks will work best for you and your body. 

Given how jam-packed our daily schedules can be, it’s often tough to consistently eat a clean, Paleo-friendly diet. Whatever your goal – simplifying your diet, increasing muscle mass, lowering blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight, or improving bone health – eggs and egg whites are a natural, inexpensive, and nutritious source of protein.

Craving extra protein in your life? Try our 10g Protein Bars made with egg whites, seeds, nuts, and chocolate. Choose from 4 different flavors or grab a variety pack. Snack clean and happy with delicious protein bars. 

Caveman 10G Protein Bars

  • Certified Paleo-Friendly
  • 4 Delicious Flavors
  • 10g of protein from egg white, nut butter, and seeds
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Jill West, RDN

Director of Nutrition at Caveman Foods, Jill believes the best nutrition plan needs to be tailored to each individual’s genetics, lifestyle, and food tolerances, not “one-size-fits-all”.  As an author, speaker and nutrition coach, Jill helps you understand the best ways to fuel your body. Her nutrition motto? Small, healthy changes can lead to big results!

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