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Looking to make changes to your diet but not sure where to start?

Diet apps are a efficient and proactive way to track your progress and ensure you stick to your weight loss goals. More specifically, diet apps give you a place to log your food and how much H2O is inputted. We searched online for the best diet apps that cover a variety of needs such as Keto, macro counting, weight loss, and meal planning. We also considered the pros and cons of each diet app and included a detailed comparison table at the end to help you choose the best app for your needs.

The Rundown


“Weight loss apps can help people become aware of what they’re actually eating, as well as the number of calories they consume, which is helpful because we generally underestimate the number of calories in some foods,” says Deena Adimoolam, MD, an endocrinologist in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.


You can also use them to get more know-how about nutrition labels and what macronutrients they contain if you’re trying to follow a specific diet. Holding oneself accountable is one of the most important factors which is why we’re here to help our tribe out!


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