All The Things Collagen Can Do For Us

Many of you who are not well versed in collagen have probably seen our collagen bars and wondered what their purpose is. Collagen is naturally made in your body, it is often called “the body’s scaffolding” and over time the older you get the less collagen is produced so that’s why we have collagen supplements to help your body keep producing it. Collagen is essential to our body's health and well being as we age and can actually slow down the effects aging has on our body like in your skin, bones, tendons and muscles.

Skin Health: Collagen is one of the main contributing factors to healthy skin, in many studies it has been proven that collagen can help reduce wrinkles and hydrate your skin. It can also increase the elasticity of your skin so it can prevent wrinkles and fine lines or reduce the wrinkle depth. Collagen also gives your skin the ability to retain moisture better so it can help with dry or cracked skin.

Joint Health: Collagen is a huge factor for joint and cartilage health. It can help keep the integrity of your cartilage, reducing joint pain and strain. It can also help with arthritis and inflammation due to the lack of cartilage, it has been theorized that supplemental collagen can be stored in your joints to further promote making more natural cartilage.

Heart Health: Collagen is essential for your vascular system’s overall health, it gives your arteries structure so they are stable and can easily transfer blood to where it needs to go. When you start to lose collagen, your arteries can shrink in diameter so they can maintain their structural integrity which can lead to heart attack or stroke if left unchecked.

Muscle & Bone Health: Collagen is actually a protein, and is a lot easier to digest rather than chicken or beef proteins. Since it can be digested easier it can be distributed through your body faster and in some cases help muscle development and keep your muscles healthy in general. As you get older your bones can become more and more fragile, and a contributing factor to that is having less collagen in your body. Ingesting collagen can increase your bone density, strengthening them and further preventing bone mass loss.

Collagen is the main component to our body's overall health so it's a no brainer to help build it up as you age. So next time you scroll past our collagen bars, add a box to your cart and kick start your body back to its fully functioning abilities.

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