Caveman’s Top Tips and Tricks for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

As we start to swing into the summer months, especially after covid, we are all itching to go outside. No better way to enjoy nature rather than hiking and camping. Sometimes camping and hiking can seem a little daunting to newcomers or a hassle to experienced campers but there is truly no better way to appreciate nature than to be right in the thick of it. Luckily we have your back with some simple outdoor hacks to leave you more time to comfortably enjoy what's right outside.

The ol bag of coffee

Many of us can't start the day without a nice hot cup of coffee, to reduce the mess and time making coffee we have a little trick to help. Before leaving, put a scoop or two of your favorite coffee into a coffee filter and tie it off with some twine or a rubber band. Once you have your single serve coffee bag, just drop it into some hot water, let it steep and enjoy!

Say goodbye to mosquitos

These little guys are a great way to ruin your outdoor adventures. So instead of using harmful chemicals to keep them at bay, burn some sage at your campsite and get you some relief from those pesky insects. Say you get bit by some before you could shew them off, just smeer a little deodorant on the affected area for some itch relief.

Single use soap

We all enjoy the feeling of being clean, wherever we may go. So to help with that, use a vegetable peeler and slice off some soap to make easy single use soap slivers.

Waterproof your shoes!!

Waterproofing your shoes may not seem like a big deal at first but having wet feet and shoes on a long hike or for the duration of your camping trip can put a major damper on the experience and possibly your feet’s health as well. You can do so easily with either a spray or the more natural way of melting and spreading some beeswax on your shoes. I promise after a weekend get-away, you don't want to come back with gangrene or athlete's foot.

While we’re talking about waterproofing..

Line your backpack with a garbage bag to give yourself an extra layer against rain and moisture to keep everything you want to keep dry, dry.

Break out those snow sleds

Transporting coolers and other necessities can be exhausting, especially if you have a ways to go to your campsite. So load up that old snow sled with all of your stuff and slide it on over to your campsite. Limit the trips and the exhaustion on your body!

Repair kits

We all know in life, expect the unexpected. So bringing a bag with some duct tape, zip ties, paracord, and a multi tool could be a trip saver. Also consider bringing along a pvc pipe to go over any broken tent poles could save you a lot of hassle.

Single use seasonings

When camping and hiking it's always best to pack as little stuff while still bringing everything to have an enjoyable trip. So forget bringing all those big seasoning bottles and use a hair straightener to seal off one side of a straw, fill to the top with whatever seasoning you like and just seal the top. Works great for making those campfire meals taste even better.

In need of some kindling?

If you have some corn chips like doritos or fritos no need to worry. They have a high enough oil content to light on fire when introduced to heat. No it won't blow up on you, but you'll have a consent flame to light anything you need too. Dryer lint works great as well!

Let's keep those pearly whites, white

If you make some toothpaste dots on a plate or mat with a light sprinkle of baking soda and leave to dry for 2-3 days. You'll have perfect single-use toothpaste dots you can throw in a bag, and when you're ready to brush you just pop one in with some water and get to it.

We took care of the mosquitos, but the ants are the problem now?

No need to worry, before you start your outdoor adventure stop at your local store and pick up some instant grits. Sprinkle where the ants are and they will soon scatter.

When in doubt head south

Get caught up in the beauty of nature and forget your way back? Well if you have a watch on, no worries. To tell which direction south is, just lineup the hour hand on your watch with the sun, then find the point halfway between the hour hand and 12-o’clock - that’s south.

Don’t get caught wandering out in the woods in the's never fun.

To see how much daylight you have left, just stretch out your arm towards the sun and every finger width from the horizon to the bottom of the sun is 15 minutes.

Bring more toilet paper!

I don't need to explain the importance of this, one of those things it’s better to have than to not. So to reduce the space it takes up, slide that center cardboard roll out and flatten them down. Then you can shred up that cardboard for some top notch kindling.  

Need more light?

Instead of having a direct beam of light from your flashlight or phone, place a bottle of water on top to disperse the light around rather than direct.


Armed with these tips we're confident you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors even more so than before. Remember to always pack some nonperishable snacks too! Like our zero sugar peppered beef jerky or our grain free granola *wink wink*

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