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Your Spring Cleaning Guide for a Healthy Mind and Body

Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to reset, refresh and reassess your goals from the new year. Here are some ways to approach spring cleaning that go beyond the home to help you start the new season with a spring in your step!

Your Home 

A clean, organized home is a healthy and happy home.  If you haven’t worn that sweater in two years, it’s time to let it go.  The towels with stains you could never get out and only make you cringe? Bye bye.  Decluttering not only gives you more physical space, but also helps to provide mental clarity and room for new inspiration.  The idea of cleaning and reorganizing your entire home can be daunting, so start small.  Pick a room, or even just a section of that room, to tackle each day. 


Your Desk

A great way to get out of a work slump is to clean out your desk.  Take some time to create new folders and organize them in a filing cabinet so paper isn’t scattered all over your desk.  Another nice way to refresh your work space is with some new organizational tools, fresh flowers and pictures of friends and loved ones.  An inviting space is a productive space!


Your Mind

Spring is a good time to stop and reassess the goals you set in the New Year.  What’s working and what’s not? Is there something keeping you from achieving your goals?  If so, think of ways you can overcome that obstacle or remove it from your life entirely.  Or, perhaps, your goals have changed, and it’s time to tweak them or set new goals. 


Your Kitchen 

We bet there’s a can or two of expired soup shoved in the back of your pantry.  And let’s not forget that mystery Tupperware tucked in the back of your fridge.  Get rid of expired items and start fresh with a new supply of healthy staples.  If you’ve been slipping on your healthy eating habits, this a great time to toss anything that’s sabotaging your diet. 


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