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Stay Active All Summer Long With These Fun Fitness Events

Summer weather is a great opportunity to mix the great outdoors with fitness.  We rounded up our favorite events from coast to coast that are so fun, you'll forget you're working out! 

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is a no ordinary obstacle course.  The event is a 10-12 mile mud course with 20+ challenging obstacles.  If that sounds too intimidating, they also host shorter races, including 5Ks and even Mini Mudder for children! Learn more here.  



Find your center and join thousands of yoga enthusiasts at Wanderlust.  Wanderlust hosts both 4-day festivals and one day events, which combine music, yoga and educational workshops. Warm up with a 5K followed by an hour of yoga taught by the best teachers in the country.  Find your Wanderlust here.  

Ragnar Relay 

Ragnar Relay takes the average relay race to a whole new level.  Teams cover around 200 miles in beautiful destinations all over the country.  Grab your friends and family and tap into your inner endurance athlete for an unforgettable experience. Learn more here

Spartan Race

Spartan Races are intense, down-and-dirty obstacle races similar to Tough Mudder.  These races range from 8 to 14 miles, and like Tough Mudder, have lots of options depending on your fitness level.  Find your race here

Color Run 

The Color Run 5K Fest is, well, nothing short of colorful.  They host daytime and evening races.  This is a very family friendly event with activities and entertainment for all ages to enjoy after the race.  Learn more here.  



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