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5 Tips for a Healthy School Year

Set your kids up for success this school year with a healthy lifestyle.  When we are well nourished, and fueled by wholesome, unprocessed foods, we have more energy and mental clarity.  With everyone heading back to school this month, we put together this list of our favorite tips for an "A+" school year.


Educate Your Children

The first step to living a healthy lifestyle is understanding what that means.  Kids and adults are more likely to stick to healthy habits if they truly understand the benefits. Help them understand that eating more fruits and veggies is essential to health and well-being.  Before you know it, they won’t need a reminder from you.


Lead by Example

Actions speak louder than words.  Show your kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like by living one yourself.  Make healthy meals together.  Make time for fun family outings, such as bike rides or hikes.  Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of quality family time!


Stock Up on Great Tasting, Healthy Snacks 

Healthy eating doesn’t mean sacrificing good taste.  At school, kids are often tempted to ditch their bagged lunch for the cafeteria food and vending machine junk food.  However, if you pack a lunch filled with nutritious AND delicious foods, they’ll enjoy eating well.  Also make sure to keep healthy snacks in your pantry so they have something nutritious to reach for when they get home from school. 


Exercise for Brain Power

Exercise and good mental health go hand in hand.  Exercising boosts endorphins, helps reduce stress and also prevents cognitive decline. Studies show that exercise also supports the hippocampus, which is essential to memory and learning.  So, encourage your kids to join team sports or regularly participate in some form of exercise so they can carry the benefits into the classroom. 



Stay Balanced and Have Fun!

Being too strict about what your kids eat can potentially backfire.  Balance is key to making a healthy lifestyle sustainable. The occasional pizza night or ice cream outing is perfectly ok. 


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