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How to Practice Mindfulness Without Overthinking

Mindfulness is a big buzz word these days, and we’re here to help you incorporate it into your life with these simple approaches.  Here’s to a healthy and happy you!


 Think Before You Eat 

Thirst, stress, boredom and lack of sleep can often lead us to mindless snacking.  Being mindful about hunger means stopping and reassessing what it is you actually need.  One of our favorite tips is from Melissa Hartwig, co-author of The Whole30: “Ask yourself, ‘Am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli?’…If the answer is yes, then you are legitimately hungry!”


 Savor Each Meal

Being mindful about what you’re eating and how you feel while you’re eating will teach you so much about your body and relationship with food. Try to break the habit of eating in front of the TV or scarfing down your lunch while answering work emails.  When we’re distracted, it’s much more difficult to recognize signs of fullness or pin point food groups that cause digestive discomfort.  Food is meant to be nourishing and enjoyed and we owe it to ourselves to eat the food that makes us feel our best. 


Listen to Your Body

Exercise is an amazing stress-reliever so it’s only natural to hop on the treadmill, plug in our earbuds and zone out.  But, when we do that, we miss a wonderful opportunity to be one with our bodies.  Over the course of your workout take a few moments every so often to check in with how your muscles, flexibility and cardiovascular system are responding.  Does your left hamstring feel tighter than your right?  Are you challenging yourself or could you rev up your pace?  Is your body telling you it needs some rest?  Honor what your body is telling you, and you’re well on your way to optimal fitness. 


Go to Sleep! 

Yes, we talk about sleep a lot, but there’s a reason for that.  Sleep is your best friend!  Sleep is a game changer.  No matter how well you eat or how much your exercise, if you’re not getting good sleep every night you’ll never reap the benefits of all your hard efforts. Create a ritual of getting ready for bed…Anything from a hot shower, meditation, reading, or prayer…Whatever puts your mind to rest so you can have a restful night’s sleep. 


Honor Your Relationships

Mindfulness is all about being present.  Think about it this way: how would you feel sitting across the table from someone who’s constantly checking their phone?  In this chaotic digital age we live in we feel the need to be “connected” all the time.  But what about connecting with the people around you?  Do you really need to check your Instagram ten minutes into a dinner date?  For more on mindfulness and relationships, check out this helpful guide here.

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  • Rebecca

    Love the insightful discussion of relationship with food and relationships with each other!! A very mindful way to live our lives!!

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