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7 Tips to Help You Stick to Your 2016 Resolutions



Set Mini Goals 

It’s not uncommon for us to wake up on January 1st and commit to some life-changing goal, like losing 50 pounds or completing a triathlon.  And if you have goals like these, which we applaud, it’s a good idea to set monthly mini goals to keep you on track, motivated and most importantly, closer to your goal.  Instead of aiming to lose a ton of weight in one year, start with a fraction of that the first month.  It’s more attainable and you’ll be so satisfied with the beginning results, you’ll want to keep going! 



Keep it Balanced and Maintainable 

Going to extremes will likely backfire.  Crash diets often lead to bingeing.  Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, make sure the steps you’re taking now can fit into your lifestyle for years to come.  This goes for fitness as well.  Working out three times a day is not realistic for most people, unless you’re a professional athlete.  Pick an activity you enjoy so you’ll want to keep coming back.



Keep a Journal 

You’ve probably heard this one before.  But recording what you eat, what you did for exercise, or heck, how many cigarettes you smoked if you’re trying to kick the habit, is a really good tactic for holding yourself accountable.  And not only that, it keeps you motivated when you see all the progress you’ve made written down on paper. 



Enjoy Variety

In “dieting” and exercise, it’s easy to get bored, which leads to lack of motivation.  Eating well and getting fit doesn’t have to be boring.  Flavor and nutrition are certainly not mutually exclusive.  Thanks to the internet, we have a wealth of healthy food blogs at our fingertips, so take advantage!  In regards to exercise, consider trying a new class at the gym or sign up for a workout video subscription, such as the Daily Burn and Grokker, which have thousands of different workout videos you can do at home. 



Keep Healthy Snacks Close 

Come 3pm when you’re will power is at its weakest, it’s tempting to head to the vending machine.  Keep healthy snacks in your purse, your car, at your desk and in your cupboard to ensure you reach for something nutritious and satisfying.  Take time to clear your fridge and pantry of any junk food and replace it with fresh fruit, veggies and other unprocessed foods.



Plan Ahead

Planning your meals, workouts or whatever it is you’re working towards, is very helpful in achieving your goals.  Taking time at the beginning of the week to prepare meals and snacks makes it that much easier to make healthy choices.  But it doesn’t end with food.  Scheduling time every day to dedicate yourself to your goals makes lofty resolutions attainable.



Grab a Partner

It’s 6am, your alarm clock goes off and you’re so tempted to press snooze.  And then your workout buddy calls.  No more excuses!  Holding yourself accountable is hard, so sharing your goals with a partner is a great source of extra support.  Plus, cooking and exercising with a friend is fun and gives you the chance to spend quality time together. 


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