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Caveman Foods Nutrition Bars Are Now Verified Non-GMO

Caveman Foods is proud to announce that all 7 flavors of our Nutrition Bars are all Verified Non-GMO. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, meaning products that are GMO have been modified at the genetic level.

Many scientists are concerned that these modified foods can be both dangerous to our health and our environment. Specifically they believe that GMO foods may cause allergic reactions, create new toxins and lead to antibiotic resistance, resulting in a resurgence of infectious disease. Many farmers and scientists are also concerned that GMO foods will become resistant to herbicides, which will result in heavier herbicide use and subsequent increase in pollution.

Providing Non-GMO nutrition bars is particularly important and exciting to us as we always strive to give our customers the highest quality, all natural ingredients. It’s even more fitting at this time that we’ve changed our packaging to celebrate our wonderful ingredient story, with beautiful illustrations of the whole, nutritious foods you find in our bars.

For more information about genetically modified foods, please visit the Non-GMO Project’s website at www.nongmoproject.org


Source: whfoods.com


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