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5 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

With several months of warm weather ahead of us, it’s great time take our workouts outside.  Here are just a few reasons to get out of the gym and enjoy some sweat and fun in the sun. 

More Variety

The outdoors offer an abundance of activities you can’t find in the gym.  Hiking, surfing, swimming and bike rides are just a few examples.  Adding variety to your workouts is also a great way to recruit different muscles that you wouldn’t necessarily use during your gym workouts.

Natural Resistance 

If you’re a runner or cyclist, you may want to consider hopping off that treadmill or stationery bike and hitting the road.  Outdoor terrain and wind add resistance to your training, which will make you stronger and more adaptable. 

Soak Up the Sun

Yes, direct exposure to the sun is harmful, so we encourage you to always wear sunscreen when outside.  As long as you're responsible about protecting your skin against the sun, you can also benefit from it by getting a good dose of Vitamin D3, which supports strong bones and metabolic function.  Exposure to sunlight during the day may also help you sleep better at night!     

Feel Happier! 

Getting some fresh air releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals in the brain. The fresh air and open environment puts us at ease, while nature's beautiful colors, sounds, and textures keep us stimulated and motivated.  

More Time with Friends and Family 

Exercise can feel like a chore when you go to the gym, and it's not an ideal place to get quality time with friends and family.  Skip the treadmill and grab a friend for a weekend hike so you can catch up on life and get some great exercise in at the same time! 

So get out there and enjoy some fresh air!  





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