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Your Everyday Protein Bar: 5 Ways You Can Use the Chicken Primal Bar

Hickory Smoked Bacon Primal Bar

Caveman's Chicken Primal Bars are clean, high-protein, delicious snacks that will change the way you think about protein bars.  They are made with all-natural chicken, have 18g of lean protein per bar, only 120 calories, and come in three amazing savory flavors.  And, like all of our meat snacks, they are low in sugar and free of artificial ingredients.  Here are a few ideas from our consumers about the ways the new Chicken Primal Bar has helped enhance their day-to-day life.


Pre-Workout Energy Boost

It’s incredibly important to have the proper fuel to tackle your workouts, and the last thing you want is your body to start burning muscle instead of fat.  Having a Primal Bar an hour or so before your workout provides your body with a great balance of protein and complex carbohydrates to help keep your energy sustained. 



Post Workout Recovery

To aid recovery and prevent your body from burning muscle, it’s important to consume protein within 30 min of exercising.  Not only does the Chicken Primal Bar have 18g of lean protein, it’s also a delicious snack to satisfy post-workout hunger.  Plus, it’s so convenient, you can just throw it in your gym bag, and it’s ready for you after that sweat session. 


Beat that Afternoon Slump 

Snacking between meals keeps your blood sugar stable, metabolism running, and helps prevent bingeing on your next meal.  When you feel that 10am or 3pm slump, there’s no need to reach for a candy bar.  The Chicken Primal Bar is high in protein, so you'll stay satisfied between meals.  Plus, it’s so tasty you won’t miss the junk food in the vending machine. 


Make it a Meal 

While the Chicken Primal Bar is not a meal replacement on its own, it can be paired with a number of healthy foods to make a satisfying meal when you’re in a pinch.  Combine it with nuts, a green salad and other fruits and veggies to create a balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat.  Don’t be afraid to get creative!


Don't Forget to Pack It 

It’s often difficult to find healthy options when traveling.  Long flights and road trips can also leave us famished, and our Chicken Primal Bars are the perfect convenient and healthy snack to have on hand to satisfy your hunger.  No need for airplane food or gas station junk when you pack these tasty, nutritious snacks!

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