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Chicken: A Great Source of Protein

Not all meat is created equal.  Chicken is great source of lean, mean muscle building protein. It also provides an excellent base for creating healthy and delicious recipes. As a bonus, it has a smaller carbon footprint than other popular meats. Chicken is good for your body and good for the environment:  a win/win. 

Read on to learn why chicken is America's most popular meat.     

Great for Building Lean Muscle 

Chicken has a high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER), which allows for superior digestibility, assimilation and utilization of protein by the body.  This is essential for building and retaining lean muscle.  Chicken has a higher PER than many other meat and plant-based protein sources. While beef and chicken have a similar PER, chicken is lower in saturated fat than most cuts of beef (remember to remove the skin from the chicken, which is where the fat is stored).  

Better for the Environment

Chicken is not only a better protein source for our bodies, it’s also better for the environment compared to other meat sources.  Chickens require significantly less water, land and feed than beef cattle and produce far fewer emissions.  So, you can feel good about making chicken a staple in your diet.  

Amazing Flavor

Chicken is incredibly versatile, which is why Americans eat more chicken than any other meat.  Chicken's mild flavor allows for tons of flavor combinations ranging from traditional dishes like lemon garlic chicken, to more exotic meals like coconut chicken curry.  Chicken pairs well with an array of spices and sides making it a fool-proof and delicious protein source you can incorporate into any meal. 



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