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Caveman Foods' Founder, Chris Running: How Paleo Changed My Life

Five years ago, I was introduced to the Paleo style of eating.  I researched the concept and decided to try it myself.  As an avid swimmer and fitness enthusiast, I thought I was pretty fit and healthy. I was in for a big surprise.  I lost thirty pounds in 90 days, had higher energy levels and generally felt better.  I became a true believer in the benefits of Paleo and an advocate of the basic principle:  to eat the foods we were meant to eat.  

The first week I tried Paleo, I lost seven pounds. The first month 18 pounds. The first 90 days, thirty pounds. Honestly, the change in my physique was astonishing. I went from a 36" waist and relaxed fit jeans, to a 34" waist and slim fit designer jeans. Crazy. But more importantly, I slept better, didn't need or crave caffeine or carbs, and had more physical and mental energy. I was a true believer. And the wonderful thing is how easy it was. I will say the first week was an adjustment, especially avoiding alcohol and sugar, but after that it felt very natural.

Fast forward five years later. I've kept the weight off and I'm still primarily Paleo. I don’t even refer to it as a diet anymore, because it truly is a lifestyle.  And, the good news is, you don’t have to be “Paleo Perfect” to reap the many benefits of this lifestyle. 

Never having been on a diet, this experience has taught me to look at food a little differently - a great food experience can still be a healthy one. I can't imagine eating any other way. 

In fact, I’m such a believer, that I decided to host a 30-day Paleo challenge for my employees for the month of May.  I encourage you to join us!  Your body and mind will truly thank you for it.  Read more about the challenge here


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